Our Aloeolé Products

The skin benefits of Aloe Vera

To moisturize

One of the components of aloe vera is lignin. Lignin is a natural polymer that penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin helping to make the rest of the substances that make up aloe vera more effective 

To reduce wrinkles

Aloe Vera has the ability to produce plastic fibers. These fibers are found naturally in our dermis, but Aloe Vera can help skin to produce them up to 8 times faster.

Skin burns & Aftersun

Aloe vera has always been used to relieve burns (both solar and domestic) and as an aftersun cream for sun bathing. 

​One drop on your skin, for your whole wellbeing!

Grown in Southern Spain, our certified 100 % ecological Aloe Vera is fed with Sun and Sea breaf all year round, adding a pinch of Spanish temperament, you get the perfect recipe for Health & Beauty

We are a young team sitting in Berlin with a clear mission: bring to the heart of Europe the best quality products for your skin. Only fair trade, only eco-friendly.

- Made where the sun makes you smile -