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100% Ecological Aloe Vera

We care about our natural world. Not only are we plastic free, we also grow all our Aloe Vera plants to meet ecological standards. We produce the best, naturally growing plants to produce the best Aloe Vera products for you.

Our juices are certified as organic by the European Commission. This means our Aloe Vera plants, our process and our products are all grown and produced in accordance with EU legislation for organic farming. 

We use the highest quality Aloe Vera in all our products, giving you the best results possible.

Vegan Aloe Vera products

Our Aloe Vera products are all 100% vegan. They contain no animal ingredients or animal by-products in the manufacturing. They’re also not tested on animals and never will be. 

No alcohol and no perfume

At Aloeolé we only want the best for your skin and body. Which means we don’t add anything extra to our Aloe Vera products. No alcohol and no perfumes. Just 100% natural products and oils to leave your skin nourished and smelling incredible. 

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